Tuesday, 2 October 2012

save the tiger (1973) - jack avildsen

Jack Lemmon won an Oscar for his portrayal of Harry Stoner, a World War 2 ex Jazz playing veteran who pines for the old innocent days of his youth, as the world around him shows itself to be uncaring, corrupt and depressing.  He is trying to keep his company afloat, but has to resort to dodgier and dodgier methods to do so.  He fought for ideals in the war, and is haunted by the loss of his buddies, but much as he tries to hold onto his integrity and ideals, they are being chipped away at and eroded by the times he has to live in.  'Save The Tiger' is certainly not a comedy, and can be considered pretty depressing and slow, but l loved it.  Maybe, however,  that says more about me (depressing and slow) than the film itself.   There's hippie hitch hikers offering sex, clients wanting sex with prostitutes laid on before they will commit to ordering clothes, stress at work, thoughts of going to prison for fraud (we've all been there), considering arson as a way out, and an inability to remember the baseball team he adored as a youth. All of this and a pining to see the ocean again (probably as a metaphor). He's isolated from everything and everyone, but at least he manages to get high, have sex, and see the ocean again.

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