Friday, 12 October 2012

out and about in masham

While l was at work yesterday, l ended up with an hour to kill in Masham, so l did what any right minded person would do.  I had a look around, checked out the church, and then went to the pub.  Nothing that exciting, but at least l was getting paid for it (it's a hard life etc).  The stained glass window in the church looked great, and The White Bear pub is famous for it's connection with The Black Sheep Brewery.  The pub also used to have a load of Jethro Tull stuff, including the broadsword, which used to be on the ceiling in the early 1980's, as one of Tull (or a roadie/manager) used to own or manage the place (if l remember correctly).  I used to frequent the pub years ago, and have had some excellent evenings in there (some drink was maybe involved), but it has been refurbished since then.  Also popular with the Fairport Convention  / Lindisfarne contingents as well as many other folkie types.  Bloody hippies.

toodle pip

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