Sunday, 14 October 2012

old facebook photographs

 Looking young and cool with my old leather jacket (I rode a motorbike at the time)

A Rolling Stones banner l stole from the Newcastle gig and later sold at Sotheby's for about £400.  I had to borrow a knife from a Hells Angel, climb up the scaffolding and cut it down, roll it up, make sure l gave the knife back, then nonchalantly stroll out with it under my arm.  Luckily l also had some sticky access passes, so l could have been mistaken for a roadie.  This is outside Stocky's house in Colburn.

 On top of the garage in the house l shared with some other lads, drinking home made booze.  With me are Bainsey (Jim Pierce) and Lammy (Paul Lambert).  Also on display is the Colburn Popular Front flag, which went with us to festivals.  

The skinny me, probably posing during The James Herriot half marathon as it was around Catterick and Richmond, and went past Colburn near the end.  On a good day, l could run 10 miles in about 55 minutes, and a half marathon in about one hour 15 minutes.  Now it would be one day 15 minutes.

While l was at work on Saturday, a colleague told me that she had seen old photographs of me on some Facebook pages (I won't say the names).  While checking out one of the sites this evening, these ones were amongst the beauties that popped up.  Although probably hundreds of photographs were taken of me about this time ( l'm not exaggerating), l have only got about three of them, so this was a pleasant surprise and a bit of a shock (although it was also only a matter of time before they started appearing).  I can't believe how skinny l was when l was doing a lot of running (half marathons), and the FPO is now cursing she didn't meet me earlier, as she just got the sad, fat, old and bitter version of the above.  If (or when) l eventually go insane and turn into a serial killer, certain people will make a fortune selling photographs of me. Stocky alone will be able to retire with the amount he has.  I bet he is just biding his time, waiting for me to crack and start my rampage.

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