Friday, 12 October 2012

liverpool v manchester united 1968

This is where l was 44 years ago to this very day.  Living in Liverpool (Bootle) and going to see Liverpool play Manchester United with my Uncle Ray.  Bliss indeed, and it was made sweeter by the Football League Review having a poster of Manchester United in its middle pages.  I have a larger copy of it framed, and another one based on it framed, containing Manchester United's 'Team For All Seasons' in the spare room next to this very computer.  I also have a long suffering FPO (but you can get cream for that nowadays).
Just a shame that United got beat 2-0, as they were starting their slow descent from being Kings of Europe to losing 1-0 against Oxford United in the Second Division (I was there again), as Liverpool went on to conquer all before them, until United's unbelievable resurgence under the magnificent management of Sir Alex Ferguson.  It's been wine and roses for the last few years, but l had to put up with a lot of stick during the 1970's and 1980's. Let's hope those dark days don't return.

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