Thursday, 25 October 2012

killing time at the kings head in masham

It's not exactly been a very taxing day at work today.  Once again I had time to kill in Masham, so l went to The Kings Head hotel for a drink.  The photograph at the top shows how busy it was and how the non existent barmaid was (not) rushed off her feet.  Mind you, it was only 11.40am, so l couldn't really expect it to be heaving with local pissheads (apart from me).  I had so much time on my hands, that l discovered (after much fiddling - phnaar) there is a drawing device on my phone, so l drew a cartoon face with my thumbnail.  Impressive stuff, l'm sure you will agree.
Still, l was getting paid for it, so technically, that makes me an artist (sort of).

toodle pip

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