Tuesday, 9 October 2012

jeff lynne at home

Watching a documentary about Jeff Lynne of ELO and The Travelling Wilburys (amongst others) yesterday, l was impressed by what appeared to be his front room.  A classic rock stars home, with the large rug, records on the wall, huge armchairs, and a robot in the corner.  To say l was jealous would be a rather large understatement.  He also came across as a likeable, down to earth bloke, who rose from good old working class stock to huge financial riches, hanging out and recording with his heroes, so good luck to him.  Saying that, re-recording his own records is the workings of a mad control freak with too much time on his hands, but what the hell, it's his time and his money, so if it makes him happy, l won't lose any sleep over it (but he probably will).

toodle pip

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