Wednesday, 17 October 2012

gandhi (1982) - richard attenborough

Based on facts (but embellished a bit), Gandhi features a superb performance by Ben Kingsley as the titular hero, who preaches non violence as he gains independence for India from us nasty English. There's strikes, fights, shootings, boycotts and rebellion, as the English try to deal with actions they have no real defence against. The scenery was stunning and the filming of the funeral (Gandhi dies) looked amazing.  The film rightly gained a lot of praise (and honours) upon it's release (I am way behind the times), and rightly so, it's an epic all right, but in the good sense, not a sprawling mess that is too long and boring, like others l have suffered over the years.  Kingsley makes you believe you could easily kick the crap out of him in this, yet in 'Sexy Beast' he is frighteningly manic and unpredictable.  The sign of an outstanding actor.

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