Tuesday, 23 October 2012

elizabeth taylor giving it some glamour

There's a new book out about Elizabeth Taylor, that has lots of 'revelations' about her love life.  I'm not going to publicise it by naming it, as l don't believe half of what has been written, and the information has been sourced from people who are now (conveniently) dead.  I don't know how Taylor managed to find any time to act with all of the shagging she was up to, and that also goes for her husbands, as they were not just with her, but were bisexual and at it with other males as well (according to the book).  Sex sells, and the book (fiction?)  will get a lot of publicity, but l would like to have seen them try and put it out while Taylor was still alive.
Anyway, the reason for the post is the accompanying picture that was used in The Daily Mirror review of it.  That's how film stars should present themselves - looking their best at all times, glamourous, unreachable, and way too good for us peasants (or civilians as we are known).
As for todays stars?  Pah!

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