Friday, 26 October 2012

du levande (you, the living) - roy anderssonn (2007)

Is it Swedish?  Depressing? No great story to it? Subtitled? Strange? Weird Music?  Untrained actors?  Black comedic moments? Dream sequences?  
All present and correct (SIR!!).
50 short sketches that sometimes have links, Du Levande (translation - You, the living) certainly isn't like most films out there.  I like to relax with this kind of stuff, but that probably says more about me than the film itself.  Mind you, it took Roy Andersson 3 years and a lot of haggling to get this project completed, so he must be an even stranger cove than l am (high praise indeed).
Now pass me some drugs so l can watch it again, as l might discover some great hidden meaning to it all, apart from the futility of existence (but l doubt it).

toodle pip

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