Saturday, 13 October 2012

dodgy people in the arc

'The Arc'  Sports and Social Club in Colburn, Catterick Garrison, is a pub/club actually called 'The Hanson', (but everyone calls it 'The Arc').  It  is a place l sometimes descend upon to watch the football and have a crack on with some of the locals.  To describe most of them as working class scumbags (like myself) would be an understatement.  Here are three of them, demonstrating the effects that frequenting The Arc on a regular basis has on you. They are Ian, Jacket and Dogface.  I have only called Ian by his proper name as l can't remember his nickname (Gimmy? Dummy? it's something.. mmy) and l can't be bothered phoning anybody to find out, but pretty much everyone has a nickname, including me. All are (as you can imagine) pretty crazy, but also sound lads as well. Rachel (Jacket's missus, known as Mrs Jacket) now even runs the place as Cav/Kav/Mr K/Irish Jimmy (all the same person) has retired. This (sad to say) is one of the environments l thrive in, as, living across the road for years, putting the hours in with the nuttiness, drinking and drugs, (plus being devilishly handsome, good at football and pool, bright and funny), l have earnt my spurs. There is a large residential development just about to start behind the club, and lots more families will be moving in and living near it.  Some of them are in for a shock when they head out to their new local for the first time.   Before you wonder, no doctors or lawyers drink in the place, and l can't see that changing in the near future.  Recommended on a Sunday morning when the football team are playing at home, and the drinks are cheap.

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