Thursday, 11 October 2012

bolan's back! the childlike men single

The Bopping Elf himself, Marc Bolan, has returned with a new single (if they are still called singles nowadays). He was never shy about regurgitating riffs, formulas and ideas, but this track sounds uncannily  like a lot of his earlier T.Rex stuff when he was at his peak.  It's kind of annoying because you want to hear the originals, but l also like it, and am pleased there is something else of his to listen to, that does sound like a track from the early 1970's (and take me back to the good bits of my childhood).
It's actually been cobbled together by Tony Visconti and his son Morgan, using old studio recordings from the sessions Tony recorded with Bolan back in the day as part of the T.Rex 'Regeneration' project.  It may well be scrapping the barrel, but on the other hand, what else can they do?  After all, Boley was still dead the last time l checked.
If the rest of the stuff is going to be as good as this, then Hurrah!! (and drinks all round).  If not, stick out some live recordings instead. Either way, l'll still want them.
The amount of love l had for Bolan when l was younger does not bear thinking about.

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