Sunday, 7 October 2012

be more chill - ned vizzini

Are you a geek who wants to be cool and attract the ladies?  Fear not, as all you need is a squip tablet (and $600 to buy one).  Obviously l don't need any help myself, but if you do, this will influence you to make cool choices, therefore making you cool, interesting, intelligent, and (most importantly) attractive to the ladies (the main benefit).  Will it end in tears?  Read 'Be More Chill' by Ned Vizzini, and find out what happens to the young narrator, Jeremy Heere, who gets the money together and takes one (and later on, an Ecstasy tablet).  Believable and funny, and aimed at 'young adults', if done in the right way, this would make a good film.  However, l won't hold my breath, as so many book (or graphic novel) adaptations have disappointed me in the past.

toodle pip

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