Wednesday, 19 September 2012

three guns and roses books

I read these three books by the members of Guns and Roses one after another, and even though it is only recent history, there are disagreements about some of the things that happened to them, which makes you doubt the validity of some history books or oral records.  Obviously this is not helped by the fact there were copious amounts of drinks and drugs consumed, and l wonder how much of the actual events are 'artistically enhanced' by the co-authors, as l'm sure they couldn't be recalled coherently by the band members. The books were as expected, lots of drink, drugs, trying to make it, untold wealth, bitter fallings out, and trying to deal with Axl Rose and his tardiness and mood swings, before them all getting (or trying to get) straight.  Duff McKagan seems to have got his act together completely, and is now also into health and studying.  Steven Adler is trying, but is a long way from conquering his demons.  Slash seems to have settled down a bit and stopped the smack, but he was the most annoying out of all three, wrecking brand new hire vans, smashing things up, and abusing hospitality and favours, but in a total 'complete arse' kind of way, not in an any kind of cool 'rock and roll' way.  It also annoyed the hell out of me that there were glaring mistakes in the books that had obviously not been checked, proof read, or edited properly.  The Clash did not sing about Hammersmith Odeon, it was the Hammersmith Palais, which is even in the title of the song (White man in Hammersmith Palais) and Donington Festival (which is, after all, pretty well known) is not spelt 'Donnington'.  Axl came across as a sweet and loving friend in times of need, but a complete egotistical tyrant and pain in the arse otherwise, who people were afraid to confront, in case it made him worse (so of course he got away with his bad behaviour and got worse anyway). There were tales of struggle in the early days, living in squats, practise spaces and on couches, but all of them could go home if they wished to recharge their batteries, get some food etc, although Steven certainly had some bad experiences while out on the streets. I always say, it's not easy being rock and roll, and you have to put the hours in and suffer sometimes, and these boys certainly did. Just a shame it disintegrated so quickly.

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