Tuesday, 18 September 2012

the pacemaker is up and running

I had to go for my check up at Northallerton Friarage Hospital yesterday morning to see if my pacemaker has been fitted OK and is working properly.  I'm glad to say it is, and it is currently kicking in and rebooting my heart about 4 hours or so a day, due to my hearts laziness and it slowing down.  This sounds a lot worse than it is, as the pacemaker is set to activate and take over in if my heart drops below 60 beats a minute, and as mine is a pretty lazy son of a bitch (like it's owner), that is pretty often.  The battery charge  was lowered to make it last longer, but apart from that, lt will be another check in six months, then yearly.  I am now officially bionic. Hurrah!

toodle pip

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