Thursday, 27 September 2012

soulboy (2010) - shimmy marcus

It's 1974, Glam rock and crap music is everywhere, but in pursuit of the girl of his dreams, young Joe McCain (Martin Compston) discovers Soul music, rare records, drugs and dance at the Wigan Casino, and let's face it, which cool kid didn't at the time? Sadly, not me, l was still at school and into Glam and Status Quo / Deep Purple, although l made a valiant attempt to catch up and got into Soul music, records and drugs later on (you've got to put the hours in).  Not the best film in the world by a long chalk, but 'Soulboy' does have it's moments, and certainly brought back plenty of memories of that time, including the undercurrent of violence that was always not that far away.  Time for me to get the talcum powder out and bust a few moves (and that's not a euphemism).  Now where did l hide my drugs.....

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