Thursday, 27 September 2012

recent rain photos

 The road by Tesco's heading towards Richmond from Catterick.  Only just passable on Tuesday

Heading from Catterick Bridge towards Colburn on Wednesday.  This road was closed on Tuesday

 From the TV on Monday.  I think it's Catterick Village green (they just said Catterick green).

 The River Swale at Richmond on Wednesday after it had died down a bit (but was still up)

                                        By the River Swale falls at Richmond on Wednesday

The River Swale falls, again on Wednesday

The River Swale looking towards the main bridge crossing to Catterick on Wednesday  

 The stream at Catterick village on Wednesday. You can see by the bench and table how high it had been.

The Swale inbetween Brompton and Richmond on Wednesday

It sure has been raining a lot in the last few days.  here's some picturs that l took while out and about, which show some of the effects.  Most of the really bad rain and after effects of it had died down by the time of the photos, as it was probably worse on Monday.  Ah well, we will soon have the snow to look forward to, as winter seems a lot closer than summer already.  Bloody weather.

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