Friday, 21 September 2012

old spurs programmes

I got these programmes through the post the other day by mistake, as the guy was meant to send them to someone else, but he had got confused as l had also ordered some stuff from him. Both are for Tottenham Hotspur games (against Luton Town and Torpedo club Moscow).  They have been returned, but it's amazing how much programmes have changed since the days these came out (in 1957 and 1959).  I've got programmes from the early 1960's, but they are still related to the programmes of today.  These however, are just four sheets of paper each.  I've got better ones than this for Oxford United friendlies in the 1970's.
I also bet there were a lot of hats, rattles and rosettes on display at the games, and no hooligans.  Then again. it was only 12 and 14 years after the Second World War, which is no time at all.  Perhaps paper was short.  Now it's gone too far the other way, and l don't bother with modern programmes, as they are too expensive and glossy for my (old git) liking.  I'd rather get a fanzine nowadays, as there's better content and more to read most of the time, and at least they are independent.  Then again, l've also pretty much stopped going to games, so what the hell does it matter (and on the same subject - what does anything matter in the great scheme of things?). Time for another lie down.

toodle pip

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