Monday, 17 September 2012

me alice - alice cooper

This is an old autobiography of Alice Cooper from the 1970's, so it is mainly about him drinking a lot, getting blowjobs (he's scared of catching a sexual disease), and being despised as one of the worst bands going, until they suddenly make it big with '18'.  There's a funny yet moving introduction by his father, and some 'classic' rock and roll high jinks (such as shagging donuts), so all was just as l expected.  I was surprised to find out that it is pretty rare and hard to find, which l did when looking for a picture of the cover (I read it on Kindle), but somebody is taking the piss on Amazon, asking for $1,000.  I'll be looking out for it in second hand stores in the future, as there may be a tidy profit to be found amongst the dust ridden shelves, but it is worth reading anyway, as long as lots of money does not have to change hands first.

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