Thursday, 9 August 2012

the james cook experience (two more from them later)

 My original bed (and operating gown)

Jacking up before the operation

Notes after the operation

 More notes after the operation

My evening and night time bed

The Bridge entrance at James Cook

 The covering l have to leave on at the moment

Well, it was off to the James Cook Hospital to have my pacemaker fitted yesterday.  I was already knackered by the time l got there, as l was up late the night before (my fault) and then had to get up and leave Catterick at 7am to be at the hospital for 8am (not my fault).  The FPO drove through and stayed with me for a couple of hours while l got settled into my ward (31) and told what was going to happen.  I then read until about 11.30am, when l was wheeled through for the operation.  I stayed conscious throughout (with painkillers of course), and getting the loop recorder out first didn't hurt that much, but the pacemaker part afterwards certainly did.  I asked for extra relief (pain - settle down at the back), but l had to grit my teeth on a few occasions, due to the pain and discomfort (and not just because Meat Loaf was being played at the time).  There were no photos of the op, and they wouldn't let me keep the loop recorder as a memento, so that was a disappointment, and l am 100% going to be sedated and knocked out if l need another implant like this.  One good side is that l could get back to my reading, change into my trackies and top, and have some food straight away, until l was wheeled down into ward 29 for the evening and night.  Robbo visited and bought an NME, sweets and lager (l didn't have the lager), and l had a stroll around the hospital by myself at about 9pm, to stretch my legs a bit.  When the lights went off (about 10pm), l listened to podcasts on my ipod, as l couldn't sleep properly, due to the discomfort. An old fellow in the bed next to me got confused as to where he was, and the nurse had to come to get him back in bed and re-assure him.  There were also the usual snores and farts (not from me for a change), and the day started again veeeery early (about 6am).  by then l was really shattered, but laid on my bed all morning reading and dropping off a bit, apart from when l was wheeled off to get the pacemaker checked and have an X Ray.  Got the all clear to go home at about 1pm, and the FPO drove back again.  No work for about 5 or 6 weeks as l've got holidays booked for when l could probably go back, but the bad news is l can't drive, lift my left arm much, and l am pretty sore, both in my chest area, and in the small of my back (as l am probably using different muscles to overcompensate and protect my chest and arm).  Have to type with only one finger due to the way l am sitting, but at least l can manage to go on the computer.  A box load of comics arrived for me yesterday, but l will have to wait to sort them out until a bit later.  Not looking forward to trying to get comfortable in bed tonight, but l'm off to give it a bash (NOT THAT) as l am still tired.

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