Sunday, 19 August 2012

the genius that was jim flora

Jim Flora illustrated albums and childrens books, as well as producing stand alone artworks.  I first saw his work when l came across the 'Mambo for Cats' LP, and have loved his stuff ever since then.  It's a witty, surreal and 'Mad Magazine like' skewed view of the world, and also encapsulates the crazier side of America, back when it was still be boppin' and swinging (daddy o).  He has sadly passed away, and the above pictures are only a small sample of his artwork, but there are lots, lots more.  The rather impressive collection at the bottom belongs to Takashi Okada from Tokyo, who is a graphic designer (amongst other things).  I wish all his Flora related goodies belonged to me, and l love the way he has them displayed.  If you are interested in purchasing any artworks, Jim Flora items are available to buy  here.  It's not cheap though.

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