Friday, 31 August 2012

the book of drugs - mike doughty (2012)

Mike Doughty used to be the singer in the USA band 'Soul Coughing', and is now a solo artist.' The Book Of Drugs' is his memoir that deals with his army based childhood, time forming and being in the band, having some success, being mates with Jeff Buckley, going solo, drug taking, travel and groupie type sex.  However, it is not your usual account, as he is pretty fucked up (in all ways) most of the time (he has since been classed as bi-polar), he hates being in his own band, he hates his own voice (and questions if he is even a musician),  he gets seriously addicted to the drugs, he has trouble with going straight and dealing with real emotion, and his lucky number is 27.  Wow, l can relate to most of what he is saying, but he has had more of a rock star life and can articulate it in a thoughtful (and spitefully honest) way. Highly recommended, even if you don't know his music (which l didn't), as it pinpoints how unhappy someone can be, even if they are being (to all intents and purposes) successful.  I'll admit a lot of the drug stuff (and travel tales) made me jealous, as l have indulged with both in the past, but for now,  l'll settle for checking out his music.  At least it keeps me occupied and out of trouble.

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