Friday, 17 August 2012

terry gilliam and his junk

Holly, Terry Gilliam's daughter, has started posting bits and pieces of her fathers junk on her blog.  I say junk, but these are old sketches, animation cells, film scripts etc to do with Monty Python's Flying Circus, Brazil, The Fisher King, and so much more.  She will certainly have plenty to be delving through and exhibiting, so this could go on for quite a while (unless she gets bored of doing it).  If l was to do a blog featuring my fathers stuff, it wouldn't last a day.  An empty bottle of gin, a couple of books and some clothes would just about cover it.  It's a bugger being from the poor, working class side of town (he moans yet again).  Don't get me started on the advantages she has and will have in her life, even if it is through no fault of her own, and she may well be a lovely person.  Jealous?  Too right l am.

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