Thursday, 2 August 2012

stranded humpback whale in sydney

Another sight l would liked to have seen (but without the eggs).  A humpback whale has been washed up in a swimming pool by the ocean outside Sydney, Australia.  The whale was apparently already dead, and was washed up during heavy storms.  It's certainly not a pleasant sight and l would rather the whale was alive and swimming freely, but if it is dead and there for viewing, it would be amazing to see it up close, as it's not exactly everyday that you get the opportunity.
If you do have interest in Whales, l would recommend 'Whale Nation' by Heathcote Williams.  An excellent poem/book about the hunting of the whales, the things they were used for, and their intelligence.  Once l get round to it, l'll dig it out of our garage and re-read it again (if l haven't died of old age first). 

toodle pip.

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