Tuesday, 14 August 2012

russell brand and peter hitchens on newsnight

While we were at the caravan at the weekend, Robbo mentioned to me about Russell Brand arguing drugs policy on Newsnight with Peter Hitchens, so l thought l'd have a look, as l like Russell Brands humour (most of the time) and am interested in the different views on drugs policy.  Although Russell did deflect some of the questions with humour, l would still rather that, than Hitchen's unswayable belief in his own self worth and righteousness.  With Brand being an ex addict, actor, author and articulate, of course he has a right to have his views heard, despite Hitchen's not thinking he should be.   I assume that Hitchen's thinks his own opinions are more important, because he is an author and columnist for the Daily Mail.  They already have history (see the second clip) and were never likely to agree to anything.  His brother Christopher was so much better, also opinionated, but you didn't want to slap him.

My own view is a mixture of theirs (or what l could gather theirs were).  I don't think locking people up will  deter people trying drugs or prevent  them becoming addicts, and if they become addicted, they should be treated with compassion, as they are ill, with a disease, and require help and assistance.  Saying that, l don't think methadone is a great solution either, as it's swapping one addiction for another, and is equally as (if not more) difficult to get off.  People will only quit when they are ready, but for me, it has to be through detoxing and support.   There can be all sorts of reasons for the initial taking of drugs (of any kind), and just because some are illegal, doesn't mean the takers do not deserve help.

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