Tuesday, 7 August 2012

richmond live and the weekend

 Cast at Richmond Live

Deb and Rook doing their Jay Hazy slot

Dazzer cracking a smile

Despite the rain on Saturday, we had a good time at Richmond Live, and decided to just get soaked and go for it, even though we were in a warm pub when the rain hit town.  Robbo was dropped off at mid day, and myself, the FPO and my brother Paul headed to The Wine Bar with him, before heading into Richmond for the Spirit Levellers and Jay hazy sets.  We had a couple of passes put aside off Rook and Deb, so it was only polite to catch their performance.  We also bumped into Steve Tarren (amongst others) and had a good chat with him, as we had not seen him for about 3 or 4 years.  At one stage it was like the 1980s were still up and running, with the people we were talking to.  There was a moment when Robbo lost his temper for a few seconds, and Paul ended up with lager thrown in his face, but that's a long story (as if this isn't). We decided to go into town later on for a change, and hit Wetherspoons, The Turf, The Unicorn and The Buck Inn.  The FPO was persuaded to stay out, as she was going to go home early, and after some fish and chips, we headed back to the Batts to see Cast, who were a lot better than we were expecting, as you forget how many good songs they had/have.  There were idiots amongst us dancing with balloons and neon lights (not me), but there is no film (at present) of that spectacle.  Taxi home afterwards, and bedtime consisted of myself, The FPO and Robbo sharing one bed, with my brother on the settee, as we couldn't work out how to open the sofa bed in the spare room. Bloody idiots we are.

Sunday myself and Paul went to Joes for a while, then back to JT's to meet Ritchie, and home for tea, TV and wine.

Monday it was more of the same.  Myself and Paul went to feed the cats at Dazzer and Louises, but they had returned early, so we went to The Wine Bar, met Ritchie again, and were joined by Dazzzer for a while.  There's even a moment when l managed to catch him smiling (see above).  Amongst the others there were Kung Fu Bez, Larry, Para Joe, Jimmy Kav, and Joe Lynch, who has just returned from holiday, and has broken ribs from an accident at sea (falling off a speedboat).  He wants to be careful when abroad, as he nearly drowned a few years ago, but was saved at the last minute.  I assume drink had been taken.  After returning home, Paul fell asleep on the armchair in the living room (again) and compromising pictures were taken (as you have to).
It's a hard life putting the hours in, but it's all quiet now, as l dropped off Paul at Northallerton station so he could go back to Leeds today, as l have to go into James Cook Hospital tomorrow morning for my pacemaker to be fitted (overnight stay).  I'm looking forward to lazing around reading and watching films afterwards, just a shame The FPO isn't so keen, as l'll be driving her up the wall.

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