Friday, 17 August 2012

richard o'sullivan (and me) getting old

2009 Photo from the Daily Mail (probably the worst one they could find)

It's a bugger getting old, and sometimes it hits home what an old git you are when you remember shows or records from the past, and realise how long ago they were.  Not just that, but l recently found out that Richard O'Sullivan, who used to be Robin Tripp in Man About The House (1973), and Robin's Nest afterwards, had a stroke in 2003, and lives in the artists retirement home Brinsworth House.  He was in lots of other TV shows and films before Man About The House (including a role as  Cleopatra's brother in the 1963 film), but that is the programme l most associate him with.  I knew he had an relationship with Sally Thomsett (Jo) from the show, and was later with Tessa Wyatt (who famously made Tony Blackburn plead for her return on the radio), but l didn't know he had been ill.  Time waits for no-one and all that garbage, but l wish him well, as, although the shows don't appeal to me now, l liked them a lot when l was younger.

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