Thursday, 16 August 2012

rebecca (1940) - alfred hitchcock

Another film starring Joan Fontaine that l have seen while off work (the others being Jane Eyre and Ivanhoe).    As Rebecca is an Alfred Hitchcock suspense, l half expected her to re-appear from the dead at any moment, and she might as well have done, the influence she had on all of the characters.  She is the dead wife of  Maxim de Winter (a dashing Laurence Olivier), who re marries a naive yet loving Joan Fontaine (who is never named in the film).  They move back to his country estate at Manderley, but the new Mrs de Winter feels Rebecca's presence everywhere.  Mrs Danvers the housekeeper (Judith Anderson) spooks her out, probably because of her floating, unblinking and unexpected appearances.  There are secrets to be told, blackmail regarding the death of Rebecca at sea, and there are also unexpected revelations aplenty.  Top stuff, despite the over emoting.  Yet another black and white classic, and if you want to see Hitchcock make his cameo, it's near the end while the policeman is talking about the car being illegally parked.

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