Friday, 17 August 2012

jeremy clarkson is upset about his dog

Jeremy Clarkson has declared Britain to be a nation of 62 million bastards, after he received twitter messages mocking him over the death of his dog.  I don't condone such actions on twitter, but if Clarkson is happy to take the piss and mock other peoples (and countries) weaknesses, disadvantages or basically just be an all round pompous opinionated arse (as if l can talk), he should expect people to have a go and mock him whenever they get the chance, as it will be one of the few chances they get to piss him off, annoy him, or upset him.  Clarkson goes on to complain about the British hating anyone who has a supercar (or is basically successful).  He is missing the point.  If someone has become successful through talent or expertise in some field, and do not behave or pontificate like a  gay hating, same sex marriage, anti abortion southern preacher, they are generally liked, no matter what car they drive.  It's the rich prats who think they are above everyone else and have a superior, pompous attitude (hello Mr Clarkson!), especially to the working class,  that the majority of the public despise.  If you can't take abuse, don't dish it out, and if you don't want people taking the piss about your dogs death on twitter, don't go on twitter to announce it.  I wish he'd piss off out of the country and take his Chipping Norton set with him (or change it into some kind of Peoples Temple set instead) . Some say he is just controversial for the sake of it, to have a laugh and promote the show.  I say he's an absolute twat of the worst kind, and l agree wholeheartedly with Stewart Lee and what he has to say about Top Gear and it's presenters.

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