Saturday, 18 August 2012

I want candy (2007) - stephen surjik

A 'so called' British comedy with some well known (in the UK at least) cameos (ie Jimmy Carr and Miranda Hart), I Want Candy was another waste of my precious time.  Two students from Leatherhead film college decide to make a movie.  They change it to a porno, get involved with gangsters, and my will to live started dying out.  This lacked comedy (essential for a comedy movie), tension (important when there are gangsters involved) and  filth (essential if they are meant to be making a porno and the film is crap, as there should be some kind of titillation at least).  It confirms my belief that the more star cameos there are in UK films, the crappier the films become, as if they don't have to try with the script.  I don't know about wanting candy, l wanted carrots shoving in my ears and my eyes gouged out so l didn't have to suffer any more.  Bring on the sweet relief of death if l have to tolerate more of this nonsense.  Thank God l'm not young anymore.

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