Tuesday, 21 August 2012

hud (1963) - martin ritt

'Hud' has got everything going for it.  Paul Newman never won the Oscar for his portrayal of the eponymous anti hero, but is strikingly magnificent throughout.  His performance is matched by Patricia Neal (as the housekeeper) and  Melvyn Douglas, (as Homer Bannon, Hud's father).  The black and white cinematography (by James Wong Howe) is sharp yet moody (a bit like Hud himself), and Neal, Douglas and Howe did win at the 1963 Academy awards.
Hud is disillusioned and just wants to enjoy himself, with no thought as to the consequences of his actions. His father however, is honorable and believes in behaving and living in the correct way.  This causes a dilemma with the young Lonnie Bannon, who idolises Hud, but ultimately, has to choose the correct path to take.  There are modern day concerns that Hud rages against, such as 'foot and mouth' disease, crooked politicians, bankers and TV game shows, but it's also about the changing of the ways and facing up to the modern world that is encroaching, whether they like it or not.  Superb.

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