Thursday, 16 August 2012

home (2008) - ursula meier

A Swiss film in French, Home tells the story of a family who live next to an unused road, leading an isolated yet idyllic life.  The road is then opened up as a motorway/highway, and their peaceful existence is shattered. It could be a metaphor for the encroaching industrialized (and polluting) ''progress', and how one deals with it, or maybe l could have had another funny turn.  The sunbathing daughter who is against the traffic and tries to ignore it (then rebels against it), eventually leaves home to join it.  The others worry about the noise, danger, and pollution, and retreat back into their home, sealing it off as protection against the road and traffic, until they can stand it no longer, and have to break free (as Freddie would say).  A gentle slow moving film, ideal for a rainy day, as most of these so called 'summer' days are turning out to be.

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