Thursday, 30 August 2012

holidays, las vegas and new york

 Ah, lovely Las Vegas / Sin City

 You've got to go under the sign!

Midtown comics in New York.  Mmmmmmm.....Spidey comics

Myself and the FPO (and maybe others) are jetting off early next week to go somewhere for a last minute holiday.  It won't be in the USA, but looking through some earlier photographs, these ones leapt out and reminded us of other splendid holidays thereabouts.  I don't really care where we go this time, as long as it is hot and relaxing, so we can do some reading and chill out.  The weather in the UK has been crap this year, with near constant rain oop north, so it will be good to get away.  You know who l blame?   God.   He's meant to be in charge of sunshine duties (or did l misread the Bible?).

toodle pip

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