Wednesday, 22 August 2012

george best - style guru and madame tussaurds

My admiration for George Best as a footballer and sometimes style guru knows no bounds, but even he couldn't get away with the above outfit. Even in the 1960's, he was never going to make that work.  No wonder the watching girls look stunned.
Also on the George Best front, the top picture is of his waxwork at Madame Tussauds being taken down and replaced  by Johan Cruyff's.  Fair enough, as Bestie was past his best and Cruyff was fantastic, but take a look at the so called 'face' of Best.  It is crap, and nothing like him.  I would have been demanding my money back if l had gone to see a George Best waxwork and been shown that monstrosity as a representation, especially as they always (still do) went on about how life like the waxworks are.  They are better now (I was there a few years ago), but there are still some real horrorshows.

Anyone for The Beatles?

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