Monday, 13 August 2012

elvis is alive!

Looking through some old photographs on the computer, l came across this one.  What a classic - it's as if Elvis Presley himself is still alive.  This is the Elvis impersonator that we hired when we renewed our wedding vows in Las Vegas.  He was excellent, off his head giggling crazy, and getting stuck into the ceremony like he was full of beans, probably because he was also doing lines of cocaine in his office, so he had energy to spare (although the photograph catches him looking as though he is asleep).  The thing is, because The King himself was so nutty at the end, it was better for us to have somebody like this, as it added to the Vegas Sin City and Elvis madness, which was certainly the vibe we were going for.  It's not like we were angels ourselves at the time, and all of our (touring) party went out and got wrecked pretty much every day we were there.  Happy times indeed.   I wonder if this version of Elvis is still alive?   I'll have to dig out his website and check.

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