Friday, 31 August 2012

countess dracula (1971) - peter sasdy

Countess Dracula is based on the real life exploits of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, and stars Ingrid Pitt as a woman who tries to remain young by bathing in murdered young girls blood.  She then discovers they have to be virgins, and is helped in her gruesome task until it all goes wrong at her wedding.
Was it made by Hammer?  Check
Are there buxom wenches?  Check
Are there scared peasants?  Check
Dramatic castle?  Check
Horse drawn carriages?  Check
Are there topless scenes? Check
Are there killings?  Check
True (ish) story?  Check
Dramatic acting?  Check
Any good?
Nope - not at all, even if Ingrid does go topless, it's not worth watching.  Certainly not one of the better Hammer films, and she's not even a vampire. Just skip through to the saucy bits if you are that bothered, but you'd have to be desperate, like when l was 14 or 15. Not because of what Ingrid looks like - she was always proud about showing off her body.
Hence this publicity shot from The Vampire Lovers - a much better film (if you are 14 or 15)

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