Friday, 17 August 2012

animals versus man and drink

 The drivers viewpoint (possibly)

 The pissed off bear (possibly)

Talk about having a bad day driving.  A Norwegian driver was pottering along, minding his own business, when a elk (moose in America) came out in front of him.  Bad day at the office or what?  Luckily he managed to swerve and miss the moose, but he then crashed into a bear as he was swerving out of the way.  That is what you call wildlife on the road, non of your crappy rabbits and hedgehogs that we get.  Saying that, l did hit a deer a few years ago that ran out in front of me, barely 4 miles from where l live on a place called Longwood Bank, without it even giving me time to brake or swerve.  That is what you call living in the country brothers and sisters, but soft English style, it sure doesn't compete with Norway.   Moose and bears, that is hardcore.

On a similar note, the story reminds me of the moose (elk in Sweden) that got itself pissed on fermenting apples in a garden by Gothenburg and then stumbled and got stuck in a tree (below).  Pissed up animals stuck in trees - l'm living in the wrong country.

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