Sunday, 8 July 2012

ethyl fuel adverts and salvador dali

I've said it before and l'll say it again. I love Salvador Dali stuff, and he is the first one that really got me into liking pictures that could be looked at in more than one way (I was already into surrealist comedy). I also like old stuff and adverts, so these Ethyl gasoline ones hit the spot for me.

Years ago, l went by inter rail around Europe, and one of the areas l went to was around Figueres, Spain, where Dali's museum is. I also called at Dali's house in Port Lligat, (near Cadaques), but no-one answered when l went a knocking, although he was living there and still very much alive at the time. It was probably my hopeful knocking that sent Gala (Dali's wife) completely demented and into her grave. Anyhows, what a place - eggs on the roof and right next to the sea. I could easily live there in my dotage, if it wasn't for the bloody annoying tourists, mooching around and trying to get an invitation inside the house, which of course, was exactly what l was trying to do was when l swung by. We won't be seeing his like again for a long long time. The Dali picture above (The Metamorphosis of Narcissus from 1937) l have had for years (sadly not the original), and it is framed by the top of our stairs. Sheer brilliance.

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