Wednesday, 18 July 2012

trouble maker - janet and alex evanovich (with joelle jones)

Trouble Maker is not the kind of comic l would normally read, but l thought l would give it a go, as l liked the bright colours and voodoo storyline (it doesn't take a lot to perk my interest). Unfortunately, l didn't find it that interesting, as it was too cute and seemed like a strip that could have been found in a girls comic years ago, and (to me) resembled a sub standard version of 'Tin Tin' (as most 'cute' comics do). The Miami scenes looked good, but that was about it, apart from the fact Sam Hooker got on my nerves. I don't think l will be perusing Janet and Alex Evanovich's next project, and l have no idea how it became 'The New York Times #1 Bestseller'. People have no taste (or l don't).

toodle pip

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