Saturday, 28 July 2012

the queen at the olympic opening ceremony

It was good of the Queen to appear with James Bond as part of the Olympic opening ceremony last night (God bless her etc), but it was terrible the way she responded to the actual event.  Looking pretty bored and disinterested throughout, with an opening speech that was thankfully short but also short on any kind of joy or emotion, the nadir was when the Great Britain team went past, full of the joys of spring, happy and celebratory.  Let's hope they didn't look up at her majesty, as she was busy examining her nails and looking pissed off that she was being kept up.  The commentator afterwards sprouting on about how proud she must be was a load of old sycophantic nonsense as well.  He should have had the guts to state what everyone had just witnessed, an old lady who was bored and just fulfilling her duties.  Don't give me any crap about her being 86 either.  Her (stupidly well paid) job is to attend functions and represent the country.  If she is not up to it, she should step down.  Saying that, as l always say, just get rid of the sponging bastards.  They couldn't look down their high falutin noses at the people with any more contempt if they tried.
By the way, the ceremony itself was great (and highlighted left wing causes).  Even Boris Johnson today said he enjoyed it, and if he isn't a blue blooded Tory toff, then l'll kiss our piss stained old cat full on the lips.

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