Friday, 20 July 2012

the original jamie

Although it is spelt in a different way, this is where my name came from.  It's hard to believe now, but when l was younger l was really fit, playing football and running all the time, (with some tennis thrown into the mix for good measure).  After a kick around one night, l wanted to continue playing, but the other (soft) lads were too knackered, whereupon one of them said  "It's alright for you- you're bionic".  Another one (Big Scall) said ''Yeah - Jaime Sommers, Bionic Woman" as l had long hair (and looked like a pretty girl).  As everyone around these parts has nicknames, l was happy to adapt to being called Jamie, but wanted it spelling the way l just did.  Most people think it is my real name now, and if people see my original first name on a bank card or something, l just say Jamie is my middle name and l prefer that.  It's strange, as l now feel that Jamie is my real name, and my first one sounds weird to me.  Mind you, this changing of the name was a long, long time ago, but l did used to have some blue overalls when l worked in a garage (and they were made to measure by the garage). Stylish even then.

toodle pip

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