Wednesday, 18 July 2012

the desperados (1969) - henry levin

If you want to check out a classic old western, make sure you give 'The Desperados' a miss, as it's crap. The Gault family and their followers maraud and pillage, until one of the sons, (David - played by Vince Edwards), turns his back on it, and tries to lead a normal life, until (of course) his past catches up with him. So far, so stereotypical, but there's nothing in the film to excite or stimulate (and Lord knows l need both). Jack Palance gives a stupidly over the top performance as Pastor Gault (the father and leader), but apart from that comedy aspect, forget it (and Vince Edwards has no screen presence at all). What a farce. If you want to check out a decent Jack Palance performance, 'Shane' is the place to look, where he plays the hired gunslinger Jack Wilson. A proper, menacing and cocky role.

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