Monday, 30 July 2012

the country girl (1954) - george seaton

There is a trio of huge stars in 'The Country Girl'.  Bing Crosby plays Frank Elgin, a drunkard ex singer who blames his wife for controlling him, but who has decided to try out for a new play.  This is being directed by Bernie Dodd (William Holden), a recent bitter divorcee, who wants Elgin for the role, despite objections from the producer.  Grace Kelly plays Georgie, Elgins (supposedly) domineering and manipulating wife, which rubs Dodd up the wrong way.  A lot of the story could be guessed in advance.  Elgin goes off the wagon, Dodd is  angry and harsh with Georgie (but softens), and a love triangle ensues.  Crosby however, is the real star in this, and produces a terrific performance that stands out above the others, despite Grace Kelly receiving an Oscar for her role in 1955, the year a bitter Judy Garland thought she should have won for 'A Star Is Born'.  There are some catchy songs as well, and some lines from this were used in the Mika song 'Grace Kelly', so it was a pleasant morning on the sofa for yours truly.

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