Monday, 23 July 2012

the batman film shootings

After the shooting (and subsequent news coverage) at 'The Dark Night Rises' (the new Batman film) in Aurora, Colorado, l was reminded of this.  Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe about the shooting in Germany a few years ago.  Rather sadly, nothing has changed in the meantime.  It's pretty obvious that individuals shouldn't be able to go out and buy assault rifles, guns and loads of ammunition, but some of the defenders of this gun loving and right to bear arms situation state that if the people in the cinema were armed as well, they would have shot him.  In a crowded cinema?  With people screaming and running around?  With the film also providing noise and (possibly) gunshots?  That's right, they would calmly identify the shooter, take aim, and take him out.  I don't think so.  What if others in the cinema had guns?  Surely they would be confused and panicky, and start shooting at the (now two) shooters.  This could soon escalate into lots of people shooting at each other by mistake, and even more carnage. Change the constitution and ban the guns, unless they are properly itemised, regulated, handed back in or locked up, and with proper limitations and checks. Or ban them outright.  Either way, this will not be happening in the near future, or at anytime in the distant future l can envisage.   Therefore, these sort of massacres will continue, so don't be too surprised when they do (and don't blame the comics, films, music, TV or games).

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