Wednesday, 25 July 2012

the amazing spider-man (2012) - marc webb

So, myself and the FPO finally got around to seeing The Amazing Spider-Man in 3D at Teeside Park (as it had stopped showing in Richmond).  I was never that keen on the last lot of films, as l didn't like Toby Maguire or Kirsten Dunst in their roles as Spidey and Mary Jane Watson, so l was looking forward to checking out Andrew Garfield as the new re-incarnation of the franchise.  The word in advance of the film, was that they were going to stick to the story in the comic books, which l have wanted them to do from the start, being a big nerdy fan of the originals (up to 400).  I don't expect every little thing to be included in the film, but l did expect the story to be the same.  Unfortunately for me, it drove me mad watching some of the scenes, as l was tempted to shout out crazy stuff like "Peter Parker doesn't tell Gwen Stacy that he is Spider-man", and Gwen's dad (Captain George Stacy, the chief of police) dies when Spidey is fighting Dr Octopus, not The Lizard.  There is no mention of the next door neighbours 'The Watsons' (and girlfriend to be Mary Jane Watson), which could have been mentioned in a throwaway kind of 'you should meet Mary Jane from next door' way, as that is how it is done in the comics, until Peter finally sees her properly, and she tells him he has hit the jackpot (issue #42 for fellow nerds out there).  I've no problem with it being updated, and the use of mobile phones, skateboards etc, but the storyline in the comics is what made it such a success in the first place, so why keep pratting about and changing it, or presenting things in the wrong order?   As for the film overall, the 3D effects were good in places (and fantastic at the end), Garfield was better as Peter, Rhys Ifans was good as The Lizard, and  Emma Stone was fine as Gwen, but it still left me with an empty and annoyed feeling, especially when Spidey kept taking his mask off, and even Aunt May seemed to suspect he was Spider-man, which also bugged me.   Maybe l should give these kind of films a miss, and lie down in a darkened room instead.  No wonder my heart keeps stopping.

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