Monday, 30 July 2012

sunday bloody sunday (1971) - john schlesinger

I mainly watched Sunday Bloody Sunday because it was directed by John Schlesinger, who's other early films l have enjoyed a lot, especially 'Midnight Cowboy' (I'm walking here!).  This though, l thought was pretty crap.  The performances are all good, albeit very 'early 1970's', and there was (yet another) love triangle, only this time with a bisexual sculptor as the fulcrum, but the story and characters didn't captivate me at all.  Basically, l couldn't have cared less if they had all been run over instead of the dog, despite Peter Finch (who in 1976 became the first Australian and posthumous Oscar winner), giving the best performance of all, as the gay doctor.  It was ground breaking at the time as it showed him to be well adjusted and successful, and he was the only character that l had empathy for, but l still didn't care that much if it worked out or not (and his parties were rubbish).  It could have been done a lot better, and l expected a lot more (says the stern Victorian dad).

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