Friday, 20 July 2012

status quo - coles advert in australia

The mighty Status Quo have just done an advert for Coles supermarkets in Australia (extended version of Down Down above).  I have long since given up on them being anything like 'cool' again, so the advert was no surprise (unlike the new haircuts).  What did please me, was that it sounds like the Status Quo sound of many years ago, not the crappy sound they went for after their classic run of albums (Dog of two head, Piledriver, Hello, Quo, One the level, Blue for you).  The sound changed on 'Rocking all over the world' and got worse as the years went by.
I'm still not looking forward to the film they are making.  More embarrassment ahoy.

And here's an extra from the shoot.

toodle pip

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