Saturday, 21 July 2012

richmond racecourse and grandstand

Top of the world ma!

Well, not really, but after finishing work this afternoon, l was harassed straight out of the house by the FPO to go and visit her family at the caravan park outside Richmond.  After putting in my shift there, we drove to the top of Richmond, and had a walk up to see the old Richmond racecourse and grandstand, as, although l have lived in the area since 1975, l had never been up there.  I was told last week that the views were spectacular, which is the reason l wanted to go, but l was also curious about what shape the old grandstand was in (very poor).  I did have a quick go at climbing on top of it, but l only had shorts on and there were stinging nettles everywhere, so after the first few stings, l gave up to fight another day. It must have been pretty impressive when it was up and running (so to speak), and it's funny to think that it was still going about the time Everton football club was formed (amongst others).  The only trouble with the place is that on the way back to the car, my eyes started itching like mad, and l started sneezing, as it really bought on my hay fever, which l haven't really had for ages.  Maybe it's  because l was also tired after work (I had hardly any sleep the night before), was still getting over my flu, and more importantly, l am a big girls blouse.  I even had to put a cold flannel over my (really red and itching) eyes when we got back, and have a lie down for half an hour.  You know who l blame?  A mixture of God (for creating the hay fever) and my parents (for giving me the genetic malfunction that makes me suffer from it).  Good job l'm pretty much indestructible, as this would have killed off a lesser man.  Long trousers and dark glasses will be essential for my next visit, maybe topped off with a peg on my nose (if l bring the FPO again).

toodle pip

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