Thursday, 5 July 2012

the official batman batbook and the tv series

While l have been off work today l have had a bash at sorting out the spare room, and getting rid of some of the old bits of crap. This took bleeding ages and it is still in need of more sorting out, but the stuff l uncovered while in there made it all worthwhile in the end (well, some of it anyway). Old remote controls and phones have turned up, plus plenty of old books, cds etc. This rediscovery was a corker. The official Batbook (Batman guide) by Joel Eisner. These are some of the pages from when Batman was proper old school, non of this new fangled 'Dark Night' nonsense. Batman (the TV series) is often accused of being pretty camp or even gay (can't disagree with that), but it looks like Robin's thoughts are pretty hetrosexual in one of the pages above. Dirty little crimefighter.
OK, l've crumbled. I like the Dark Night stuff as well, but to me, Batman and Robin will always be Adam West and Burt Ward. Sod the bad costumes, acting and sound effects - bring them on! - Embrace it!  Lose yourself in it!  If you don't take any of it seriously, and go with the campness (easy for me to do), it's great.

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