Sunday, 29 July 2012

mexico 1970 panini book

Amongst the many items of crap that l have, there are old football related pictures, 3D cards, books (and flick books), newspapers and programmes.  I don't however, have any Panini sticker albums, although l did used to collect them when l was a nipper. I saw this one for sale today.  It's from the 1970 World cup in Mexico (the first one l can remember), and is a complete original.  Nice .  Yours for a mere £1,999,99 (or near offer).  Not even l am mad enough to pay that kind of money, even if l was a multi millionaire.  I'd like the original, but reproduction copies (obviously in mint condition) can be yours for the less than costly sum of  £10.  I'm also still pissed off that the programme isn't worth much (less than £10), as l have one of those (somewhere).  Ah well, back to the comics (sad git that l am).

The programme

 The reproduction, plus stickers

toodle pip

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