Wednesday, 18 July 2012

led zeppelin on their private plane

This is the way l should be able to travel.  Loads of space, large beds, music, drink, drugs (not shown in the pictures) and groupies.  There's even a bleeding fireplace!  These photographs are of Led Zeppelin back in 1973 on their (rented) private plane 'The Starship'.  How the other half live.

I've always liked Led Zeppelin, and years ago (late 1970's) l had a denim jacket onto which l painstakingly added 'Led Zeppelin' on the back. The problem? I only went and missed out the 'e' and spelt it 'Led Zepplin', not realising until it was finished and too late to remedy or save. Thank God l didn't wear it to Knebworth in 1979, as l'd have been laughed out of the place. What an idiot. Lukkily l can spell now.

More info and pics about the plane here.

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